Three women collect water for their families at an Olam installed borehole.


    We want to leave the world a better place than we found it.

    We’re re-imagining global agriculture through our operational ability to make material impact on improving farmer livelihoods, increasing community wellbeing, and regenerating our living world. We recognise that we succeed or fail together, which is why we’ve set ourselves an ambitious Purpose and why sustainability is a key enabler of our Strategic Plan – it's a way of doing business, and it’s what consumers increasingly expect.

    Our goals and milestones are signposts along a continuous journey that’s intended to strengthen our company, as it strengthens the people we touch, and the communities and environment in which we operate.

    almost 430,000 Farmers Trained
    80 Large Manufacturing Plants
    5 Billion Micronutrient Servings

    More About Sustainability


    Each year we report against our progress and share our learnings. In this way, we can help achieve our Purpose to Re-imagine Global Agriculture and Food Systems.

    Sustainability Framework

    Our Sustainability Framework enables us to translate our Purpose into practice.

    Priority Areas

    We work with our stakeholders forming collaborative partnerships and programmes which greatly extend our reach while improving our chances for success in ten Priority Areas.

    Insight Through AtSource

    Our sustainability insights platform for agricultural supply chains, AtSource provides customers with a single view across their supply chain sustainability parameters, as well as insights into how to influence these elements for the better. 

    The end-to-end metrics, action plans and corresponding narratives can be used by customers to meet sustainability requirements, build brand trust and confidence, report on sustainability initiatives and transform supply chains. 

    Innovation and Technology

    Innovation and Technology

    Technology helps us to collect data, improve transparency, and give farmers the information needed to grow the volumes and quality of crops customers need, whilst enhancing their livelihoods.

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    Our Latest Sustainability Awards

    About Sustainability

    We recognise the importance of collaboration to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and make true impact across our sector. If you are keen to collaborate or have an idea to discuss, please contact our team.

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