We recognise that feedback and input from stakeholders is valuable because it helps to drive best practices, evaluate compliance of our suppliers and increase transparency in our supply chains.

    Our Grievance Procedure applies to all our upstream operations and supply chain infrastructure (processing plants, warehouses and logistics hubs), and our third-party suppliers.

    It should be used to report and address breaches of relevant Olam Policies or Codes, resulting in illegality, exploitation of local communities or workers employed by Olam or a third-party supplier, or unacceptable practices in land use management as defined in the Olam Living Landscapes Policy and the Olam Supplier Code.

    Raising a Grievance

    If any person discovers any unethical practice, the Code of Conduct explains that they must report it and without fear of reprisals. 

    How to raise a grievance?

    *Whilst grievances can be made anonymously, providing full contact details enables Olam to better understand and address the concern.  A full copy of our Grievance Procedure is available here. A separate Grievance Log for Palm Oil can be found here.

    Grievances can be made using the form below or can be posted to the relevant Country Office as detailed on the contact us page of this website.

    Grievance Form

    Upload should be maximum of 10 files with a total size of 4MB.
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    About Sustainability

    We recognise the importance of collaboration to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and make true impact across our sector. If you are keen to collaborate or have an idea to discuss, please contact our team.

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